Sarasota Website Designer

Website Designer Serving Sarasota & Southwest Florida If you own a business in Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton or anywhere in Southwest Florida, you should have a modern looking and informative website. A business in Southwest Florida will benefit greatly from a website and especially if it is mobile compatible. Keep in mind, not only is the Sarasota…
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Why SEO is Important

Search engines use programs called spiders, crawlers, or robots that follow the links from page to page and download a copy of each one found. Pages are then analyzed, indexed, and added to its database. Websites are crawled at different rates. the more they like the site the more often they come back. Use of…
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What is the Difference between Hits and Visitors?

We have all read advertising from websites claiming, “We get 100,000 hits per month” and counter at the bottom of the Web site’s Home Page. Now let me tell you the difference between a “HIT” and a “VISITOR”. A “hit” is often understood by most as a visitor to the web site. This is not…
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Using a Gmail account causes a host of issues for your business

Using a Gmail account causes a host of issues for your business. First off, you are missing out on a Branding Opportunity. Your email should use your domain URL such as sales @ as the Domain name will be viewed by all recipients. Customers are 9 times more likely to use a business with…
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