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In order to have a website visible to the public, you must have a Domain Name, Web Hosting, and Content.

I will assist you with the best selection possible for your specific needs. Below you will learn more about this.


When your website is developed, it will consist of directories, files, text content and images. Hosting is where they are kept.
Much like when you write a paper or file away important papers in your home or office. You take the papers and photos, place them in a folder then place the folder in a metal or wood filing cabinet. When you want to view these items you open the cabinet, then the folder and grab the paper or photo to view.

Web Hosting is the Virtual Filing Cabinet.

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A domain name is an address when a view can go to see your files (website). If you told someone two thousand miles away to go to your office and look in the file cabinet for a folder and grab the photo you took last week they would say “okay but what is your address so I can get there?”

There you have it… Your Domain Name or web address.

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